Louise Flannelly

Louise Flannelly teaches Vinyasa Yoga Medicine

Before I began doing yoga four years ago, I paid little attention to the strength and weakness of my body. Yoga in my head was for hippies who were super flexible! Little did I know that one day it would become such a huge part of my life.

In 2012 I had just moved to Sydney from Ireland and everything was new to me. I was living in a hostel in Sydney and got talking to another guest in the common room one night. We got chatting about yoga and he told me he went to yoga every night after work. He was raving about how great he felt after every class and how it helped calm him when he was anxious. I didn’t think much of it but I chatted with him many times after and it was something he would bring up regularly.

Then one afternoon I went to a class in Sydney, it was an intermediate level class, after all how hard could yoga really be? It’s just stretching right?! How wrong was I!! I was completely lost and couldn’t keep up with the pace of the class. I didn’t try yoga again for over six months when I was then living in a beautiful village along the Great Ocean road called Port Fairy. I decided to give it another go. I signed up for a level 1 class and from that day onwards, I was completely hooked.

The teacher was amazing and really gave time and attention to each individual student. At the end of class she would do a full body scan meditation as we lay in savasana. I would leave that class feeling so relaxed both physically and mentally. I had suffered the loss of a really close family member at this time and for me yoga was my saviour.

I was born with a club foot which effected my right foot. My whole right leg including  my hip was much weaker than the left leg and hip. I became so much more aware of this when I started practising yoga. Balancing poses on my right foot were pretty much impossible whereas hip openers on my left hip were very difficult. Overtime, with consistent practise I noticed balancing poses became easier, hip openers became easier. As I grew stronger in weak areas of my body and more flexible in others I truly appreciated the benefits of yoga and how my body was changing for the better! More difficult poses which at one time seemed impossible were now accessible to me. I watched and felt my body change and it was, and still is truly amazing.

Yoga has helped me cope with difficult issues both mental and physical which have arose in my life over the past few years. For that I will be forever grateful to this ancient art.

Yoga affects the body on so many different levels, that only someone who has practised yoga can really understand the effects. Get to know your body from within with yoga.