Sarah Cunningham

Sarah Cunningham teaches Vinyasa Flow

Saturdays at 11 am

I started practicing yoga in 2010 as an alternative way to keep fit that didn’t involve a gym. My practice was inconsistent and sporadic at best. Then in 2013 I found myself looking for something more meaningful. This search took me to the yoga mat. Under the instruction of my Barbara Carolan and Greg Walsh I devoted myself to a regular practice. I was amazed at the changes that began to happen to my mind and body. Yoga helped me to feel grounded and balanced. I then joined Carol Murphy on her Teacher Training to further my understanding of yoga and take my practice to the next level. I learned so much during the training about myself and yoga. I love passing this knowledge onto others so they too can know the benefits of yoga.  In my classes I love to combine strong sequencing with an emphasize on alignment that will build strength, flexibility and balance.  I learn something new about myself and yoga every time I practice and I hope my students step off the mat feeling the same.